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Chiropractor for Work Injuries MN

AnoverWork Injury ChiropractorWhen you have a work related injury, it can be devastating. Not just to you but to your family as well. Not only are you in pain and hurting, but sometimes it can be so severe that you cannot do the job you were able to previously do before your injury. When you need help recovering from your work related injuries, Heil Chiropractic Center can help. We are a center geared towards helping people around Andover, Anoka, and Coon Rapids recover from work injuries.

The Commonality of Workers’ Compensation

It’s no surprise that the more time you spend doing something, the more chances you have of injuring yourself. A work related injury can occur suddenly while doing something. However, it is most commonly a result of repetitive motion or a condition that is aggravated further by job activities. What is the most common type of injury? In the United States, we see most often lower back pain. Repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, is also something we see frequently. No matter what the issues are, Heil Chiropractic Center is here to treat it and help you recover.

Chiropractic Care After Work Related Injury

It seems strange that when an injury occurs, employees don’t immediately tend to seek treatment. Folks, your employers want you there. This is why they hired you. They want you well and they want you present. Many research studies have shown that when employees choose chiropractic care, it is over twice as effective in getting you back to work and it also doesn’t hurt that it’s much less costly. We want to get you back to work but we want to do it in the most healthy way possible. We don’t just want to stop the pain temporarily for you. Our goal as a center is to make sure that you are prepared to go back to work so that a recurrence does not happen. Ultimately, we want to restore your health so that you are pain-free while functioning at your job and in life.

Heil Chiropractic Center has been serving the area for over 20 years. We have years of experience in helping those that have work injuries recover and stop the suffering. If you live or work in Andover, Anoka, and the Coon Rapids area and you need help recovering from work injuries, it’s time to give us a try. Let us help you! Call Heil Chiropractic Center today at (763) 323-4855 or send us an email with your questions at heilchiropractic@aol.com.