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Car Accident Doctor Coon Rapids and Andover MN

Whiplash Car AccidentHeil Chiropractic Center serves Coon Rapids and Andover, Minnesota, as well as many other communities in Minnesota. Heil Chiropractic can treat you for virtually any chiropractic issue, and among our staff’s specialties is treatment of injuries caused by car accidents. Whether you are dealing with back injuries, whiplash, or other problems that occur with car accidents, the staff of Heil Chiropractic can help you.

Comprehensive Care After An Auto Injury

Heil Chiropractic Center offers a wide variety of treatments after a car accident. The classic cause for pursuing chiropractic treatment is a lower-back injury or whiplash caused by a vehicle accident. And while these may be the classic example, it is far from the only example for which chiropractic health care is helpful after a car accident. But if you have been in a car accident and suffer from lower back pain as a result, Heil Chiropractic can help you begin to feel relief.

Research shows that injury can occur from even a minor accident, where there is little, if any, damage to a vehicle. Soft tissue injuries can present themselves long after the date of the accident, and cause long term pain and suffering. Our team can provide support and care for all types of auto injuries, including soft tissue injuries. Some of the most common symptoms after a car accident include whiplash (neck pain/stiffness), headaches, muscle stiffness, shoulder pain, knee pain, dizziness, arm, leg, foot pain, lower back pain and stiffness, and blurred vision.

Pain Relief After A Car Accident, Coon Rapids, Anoka & Andover

The staff of Heil Chiropractic Center can help you understand the issues causing your discomfort and identify the best strategies for treating them. With a staff of highly trained professional practitioners based in Minneapolis, Heil Chiropractic can provide relief to the ailments that are disrupting your life to whatever degree they are impacting it. When we suffer a physical trauma such as a car accident, what we actually experience is a ripple effect of trauma, which is experienced as an injury to one obvious part of our bodies. But the injury can originate in another part of the body that is not so obvious.

If you have had the bad luck of suffering an auto accident in the Coon Rapids and Andover MN area, you might well have experienced that ripple effect of injury. It may be that as a result of the accident you feel pain in your lower back, but actually discover that the injury is located elsewhere. The staff of Heil Chiropractic Center will be able to treat the symptoms of the pain caused by that kind of trauma, but they are also able to identify and treat the points of origin of the pain. Call our team at (763) 323-4855 for an appointment.