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Car Accident Doctor Coon Rapids and Andover MN

Chiropractic Auto Injury Recovery

Whiplash Pain ReliefNeck and back pain varies in every patient, from intensity to location, and even frequency. While some patients experience constant and chronic back pain, others may feel intermittent neck pain. No matter what type of pain you may be experiencing, though, if it’s caused by an auto accident, chances are good that your pain is caused by an injury you’ve sustained to your back or neck. Following an auto accident, particularly if you’ve experienced whiplash, a common auto accident injury, you may experience shooting pains, a stiff neck, or a sore back and shoulders, and even pain throughout your extremities. Whatever you’re feeling, our chiropractors can help to return your body to a pain-free, functional state. With chiropractic spinal adjustments, we are able to realign vertebrae in your back and neck, ensuring that you have no remaining alignment issues. Once your body is fully aligned, you can be sure that your body will heal more completely and more quickly. With chiropractic adjustments, we are able to provide relief to your bones, muscles, and nerves, correcting any misalignments that could be putting pressure on any part of your body.

Massage Therapy Car Accident Injury Treatment

At the Heil Chiropractic Center, chiropractic care includes massage therapy, an effective form of physical therapy that helps your body prepare for healing and actually heal from your injuries. Massage therapy is exceptionally useful in targeting muscular and nervous tension, which are often symptoms of an alignment issue. Combined with a chiropractic adjustment, massage therapy can be effective in completely healing auto accident injuries and ensuring that your body is free of residual pain following your accident. In addition, massage therapy has the benefit of providing relaxation for your body and mind, and when you’re relaxed, you can heal more easily and more wholly. To begin your chiropractic auto accident injury treatments, contact our chiropractors at (763) 323-4855 or heilchiropractic@aol.com, and join the many Coon Rapids and Andover, Minnesota chiropractic patients who have left our center feeling completely recovered