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Back Pain Chiropractor Andover MN

Back PainWhen searching for an Andover, MN chiropractor, it’s important to evaluate your options carefully and understand why you’re in need of chiropractic treatment in the first place. With chiropractic care, the benefits are numerous, but it takes a skilled chiropractor to be able to diagnose and treat injuries, musculoskeletal conditions, and the sources of chronic pain. If you’re suffering from intense back pain, the causes of back pain could be numerous. You may have sustained an injury that requires attention, you may have places strain on your back without realizing, or you could suffer from a previously unidentified musculoskeletal condition that affects your upper or lower back. Whatever the case, at the Heil Chiropractic Center, we’re equipped with the chiropractic team, experience, and tools to ensure that you have the best experience possible. With us, you can be sure that you’re in good hands. We’ll provide any back pain treatments you need, providing short- and long-term pain relief and personalized chiropractic treatment plans to meet your body’s needs and address any back problems you may have.

Diagnosing and Treating Back Pain

Diagnosing the causes of back pain is not always a simple task, and it’s important to consult a professional chiropractor if you’re experiencing frequent back pain – whether you know the cause of your back pain or not. Fortunately, our Andover chiropractors have years of experience treating back pain, so we know what to expect and what to look for when diagnosing back injuries, musculoskeletal conditions, and other back issues. We’ll check for back pain caused by recent and past back injuries, back pain associated with disorders and conditions, and back pain caused by constant or frequent back strain. Often times, when you haven’t sustained a back injury during an accident, you may be experiencing what’s known as a repetitive stress injury, or repetitive strain injury. These types of back injuries are typically associated with one’s professional work or daily habits, as they’re caused by near-constant use of one part of your back. When you’re using your back in a specific way on a daily basis, for instance sitting in an office chair for 9 hours each day, you’re going to feel the strain eventually.

Chiropractic Pain Relief

At the Heil Chiropractic Center, one of our most common services is providing permanent back pain relief, regardless of the cause of back pain, location of back pain, frequency of back pain, or even intensity of back pain. Whatever pain you’re enduring, we’ve seen it all before, and we know how to diagnose and treat back pain associated with a wide variety of causes. With chiropractic spinal adjustments, we’re able to realign your spine, relieving tension throughout your back, neck, and entire body, allowing you to heal quickly and even prevent future back injuries. To begin your Andover, Minnesota chiropractic back pain relief treatments, contact our chiropractic center at (763) 323-4855 or heilchiropracic@aol.com.